Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sarah Shawl/New Birds

I have been working on this garter stitch drop shawl pattern that I found in Folk Shawls by Cherle Oberle. The pattern is called the Sarah Blanch Shawl inspired from a shawl her grandmother made using her hairpin lace loom. I picked this pattern because I wanted a quick knit with out having to follow any charts. The long repeats are working out very well. The Revontuli Shawl is coming along nicely too. Here is a updated photo.

I also have been birding and yesterday I saw two new birds a Least Bittern and a Poorwill. The Least Bittern is a very secretive bird that hides in the reeds. Luckily for me someone had spotted a whole family that have been very visible so we went and checked it out. I also got the oportunity yesterday to see a Poorwill that was hanging out in a friends driveway and was not identified but just described to another friend of mine. We were not dissapointed we went up their at dusk and there it was. We all got really good looks and some photos. I will post a picture when my friend sends it to me. So now my San Diego Bird Count is 256.

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bobbi said...

Great progress on the shawls, I like the Revontil one more, love the patterning.